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SAP Course Details - Modules, Eligibility, Fees, Training

SAP Course Details: Many people are searching for the S.A.P Course details and it is one of the most popular and useful certification to boost the career. This article may help to find the answer for questions like “what is sap course details, what is sap software” etc. SAP full form is “Systems, applications & products in Data Processing”. SAP definition is for the ERP software and same name for the company also.
SAP means a German multinational software company. It makes the enterprise software to manage business operations. These enterprise software’s are also known as ERP’s.
Now you may got a doubt “What is ERP ?”. ERP is software used in the businesses to automate many tasks. ERP’s are the set of important tools which are used to handle the business processes like inventory management, human resources management, Sale management, Customer relationship management etc. There are so many ERP software’s for different tasks ex. Microsoft Dynamics is an important alternative for S.A.P. There are many online and cloud based ERP’s available in the market.
sap course details, eligibility, fees, full form
sap course details

Importance of SAP

S.A.P is a largest company and its products are used by a wide range of businesses around the world. SAP course completed candidates can improve their chances in the job market. They are experienced in the designing input screens, creating ware houses of information, essential programming skills etc. to perform many tasks in the business.

SAP Modules

By specializing in any of the sap module a candidate can enhance their career. There are so many modules in the course. But having a certification not guarantees the job or success because skills and experience plays a key role along with experience. For example “a photographer is not selected based on his certifications and selected based on his portfolio”. Below is the list of some SAP Modules
Technical Grade SAP Modules
  • ABAP (Mainly programming using ABAP. Having programming knowledge is good.)
  • BASIS etc.
Functional Grade SAP Modules
  • SD (Sales & Distribution)
  • HRM (Human Resources Management)
  • FICO (Finance &Controlling)
  • PP (Production &Planning)
  • MM (Material Management)
  • CRM (Customer Relation Management)
  • SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  • SD with CIN etc.

Eligibility for SAP Course

Candidate need to be a graduate in Engineering,, B.Sc, MCA or completed Master’s degree.  If the candidate has any experience in the relevant fields like production, purchase or other it will be an added advantage to grab the related SAP Module.

SAP Course Fees

Course is very expensive but it’s a very valuable course to boost your career. There are so many modules and S.A.P course fees for each module are different. SAP course fees may vary between 30,000 to 2lakhs and also depends on the institution also. Additional cost for certification. If coaching is taken from the Authorized institution then the cost will be high when compared to normal institutions.

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