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Core Java Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers PDF 2015 Free Download

The below questions are the most commonly asked basic core java interview questions for freshers.  The answers to these questions will be provided at the java interview questions web site. Here Topic wise questions for freshers in core java are provided. In the coming days we will try to provide the core java interview questions pdf files for freshers to download free.
core java interview questions
core javainterviewquestions for freshers
Explain the features of java?
Is Java Platform Independent?
How java achived platform independency?
why java is secure?
What is JVM?
What is JRE?
JVM is platform Independent or Dependent?
What is byte code?
what is source code?
In which extension we have to save the byte code?
In which extension we have to save the source code?
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Core Java Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers 2015

The below core javainterviewquestions are some what difficult than the above asked questions. But these are also very basic level questions. Preparing all these questions from the basic concepts one day before the interview will helps a lop to perform great at the Java Interview.
What is an Array?
What we can represent in an array object?
from where array index will start?
IS array representation classes present in Java API?
Is there any ready made methods support for array objects?
How do we process array objects?
Which type of elements we can represent in arrays?
what are the categories in arrays?
Explain primitive type arrays?
Explain some concepts in Oops?
what is object oriented programming?

 Collections JavaInterviewQuestions For Freshers

Collections are very important topic in the core java syllabus. With out collections knowledge we cant process large set of elements. Collections are very useful that arrays concept. Learning all the collection classes methods is difficult but remembering the most commonly used methods will helps a lot. Below are the most commonly asked collections java interview questions and answers for freshers technical.
Please prepare arrays concepts before collections preparation for better understanding - Java Interview Questions.
Difference between Collections and Arrays?
What is List collections?
What are Set collections?
Which collections class is Legacy?
Is Collections homogeneous are Heterogeneous?
How can we process elements in collections?
Is there any limit to number of elements to be added to collections object?

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