Saturday, 9 January 2016

Advanced Java Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers PDF 2015 Free Download

see the very basic advanced java interview questions and answers for freshers. To view the answers visit and see different topic explanation in java in a topic wise manner. In the coming days we will try to provide the advanced java interview questions pdf 2015 to download for free.
advanced java interview questions and answers for freshers technical
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Advanced Java Interview Questions And Answers For Freshers:

see the advanced java interview questions for freshers below and try to re call the answers. Download the pdf file after providing the link to view all the questions
  1. What is a server?
  2. what is tomcat?
  3. what is a data base?
  4. Give some examples of databases?
  5. what is SQL?
  6. Difference between SQL and MySQL?
  7. What is oracle?
  8. What is JDBC?
  9. Expand JDBC?
  10. What is a driver?
  11. can we access a data base in java with out driver?
  12. how many types of drivers are there in java?
  13. Is separate driver is required for every database?.
  14. Advantages and disadvantages of each driver?
  15. which driver is used in real-time most frequently?
  16. which class we call to establish connection to database?

Servlets Advanced Java Interview Questions For Freshers

See the very basic servlets interview questions below
  • why main method is not used in servlets class?
  • what is a web container?
  • what is tom cat?
  • how to deploy the .war file in tomcat server?
  • what is forwarding?
  • what is including?
  • what is redirecting?
  • difference between forwarding and including?
  • what is xml?

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