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ICWAI Final Syllabus 2016 | CMA Professional Course

ICWAI Final Syllabus 2015 | CMA Professional Syllabus: ICAI made some changes in ICWAI Final syllabus. Recently ICAI released a notification regarding syllabus changes in the ICWA course.  We gave the complete ICWAI syllabus 2016 Changes in our previous post. According to the notification names of the courses are changed.  CMA inter name is changed to CMA executive course or ICWAI executive course and CMA final course name is changed to CMA professional course or ICWAI professional course.
ICWAI Final Syllabus CMA Professional Course

ICWAI Final Syllabus 2016 | CMA Professional Syllabus 2016

First examination under ICWAI Syllabus 2016 will be conducted in December 2016 & the last examination under ICWAI syllabus 2012 will be conducted on June2017.
ICWAI ExamBased on Syllabus
December 2016Syllabus 2012Syllabus 2016
June 2017Syllabus 2012Syllabus 2016
December 2017 OnwardsSyllabus 2016

 Subjects in ICWAI Final Course 2016

Module 5
  • Corporate Laws and Compliance
  • Strategic Financial Management
Module 6
  • Strategic Cost Management and Business Strategy
  • Advanced Direct Tax Laws & International Taxation
Module 7
  • Cost and Management Audit
  • Financial Analysis & Reporting
Module 8
  • Advanced Indirect Tax – Laws and Practice
  • “Optional” to be selected from “Specialization Papers”
  • Strategic Performance Management & Business Valuation
  • International Business
  • Treasury Management, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
  • Project Management & Control
  • Supply Chain Management

 ICWAI Final Syllabus PDF | CMA Final Syllabus PDF (2016 & 2012)

See the CMA professional course syllabus pdf files from the icmai portal. Below are the download links of the syllabus PDF files. Both 2016 and 2012 syllabus links are there.

Verbs that appear in the syllabus learning aims and examination questions

Learning ObjectivesVerbsDefinition
Knowledge What you are expected to knowListMake a list of
StateExpress, fully or clearly, the details/facts of
DefineGive the exact meaning of
COMPREHENSION What you are expected to understandDescribeCommunicate the key features of
DistinguishHighlight the differences between
ExplainMake clear or intelligible/ state the meaning or purpose of
IdentifyRecognize, establish or select after consideration
IllustrateUse an example to describe or explain something
APPLICATION How you are expected to apply your knowledgeApplyPut to practical use
CalculateAscertain or reckon mathematically
DemonstrateProve with certainty or exhibit by practical means
PrepareMake or get ready for use
ReconcileMake or prove consistent/ compatible
SolveFind an answer to
TabulateArrange in a table
ANALYSIS How you are expected to analyses the detail of what you have learnedAnalyzeExamine in detail the structure of
CategoriesPlace into a defined class or division
Compare and contrastShow the similarities and/or differences between
ConstructBuild up or compile
PrioritizePlace in order of priority or sequence for action
ProduceCreate or bring into existence
SYNTHESIS How you are expected to utilize the information gathered to reach an optimum conclusion by a process of reasoningDiscussExamine in detail by argument
InterpretTranslate into intelligible or familiar terms
DecideTo solve or conclude
EVALUATION How you are expected to use your learning to evaluate, make decisions or recommendationsAdviseCounsel, inform or notify
EvaluateAppraise or asses the value of
RecommendedPropose a course of action

Practical Training for ICWAI Final Course

Student must complete at least 6 months of practical training out of 3 years of training in order to be eligible to the exams of all the modules or for the remaining modules.
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Training & Quality Assessment during ICWAI Final Course

  • Computer Training – 50 hours
  • Industry oriented Training Program – 7 days
  • Advanced Managerial Skill Development Training – 8 days
  • Online Centralized Quality Assessment Test - (24x7)

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