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CFA Course Details – Fees, Syllabus, Structure etc In India

CFA Course Details: Many candidates are asking so many questions like “what is cfa course, cfa full form, International cfa course details, CFA course in India, what is a chartered financial analyst etc”. So we are trying to answer as many as questions about cfa course details. Full form of CFA is “chartered financial analyst”. See more details below.
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CFA course details, structure, fees, syllabus,eligibility (International CFA Course)


Demand for financial professionals is increasing day by day. All the top level management decisions in the company can show a huge impact on everything in the company and can push a profitable company into losses. So there is a huge need of professionals who can help to take best decisions. Companies don’t want to take the risky decisions easily and looks for the best brains and pays them well. That’s why salaries of the professionals are very high when compared to other professionals.
This chartered financial analyst course offers a in depth level of knowledge regarding the financial world. That’s why Chartered financial Analyst course is very popular and you can pursue this course if you want a great growth in your career.

CFA Course in India & International CFA Course Details

Chartered financial analyst course can be pursued in two ways. You can do the course from ICFAI University or from CFA Institute in United States.
how to become chartered Financial Analyst

CFA India – CFA Course Details

CFA is a trademark of CFA Institute and ICFAI is offering the course with Chartered financial analyst name. So CFA Institute filed a case in Supreme Court in 1997 and finally settled in 2012. According to the settlement between CFA Institute and ICFAI will not offer the degree to the new candidates an only gives Chartered financial analyst degree to the candidates who already registered.

International CFA Course US - CFA Institute

To obtain the chartered financial analyst degree candidate has to clear the three levels in the course. These three levels in the course are known as CFA Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. This degree is one of the toughest courses.

CFA course eligibility

Minimum eligibility of the course is four years bachelor degree and 4 years of work experience. If there is no work experience the degree would be awarded after getting the work experience. This Chartered financial Analyst Course given by "CFA Institute" is also known as "International CFA Course" and recognized by 130 countries.

CFA Course Structure

Chartered financial Analyst program is structured into three levels (Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3). For most of the students CFA course duration takes 2 to 5 years to complete the chartered financial analyst course. There is no limit to number of times you can attempt the course.
CFA Level 1: Focuses more on the basic knowledge of investment tools with some analysis.
CFA Level 2: Focuses more on application of investment tools and concepts along with improving analysis.
CFA Level 3: Focuses more on concepts and analytical methods for effective portfolio management and wealth.


There is a onetime enrollment fees. You have to pay this at the time of registration of CFA Level 1. And there is an exam registration fees. Seethe CFA exam registration fees details below.
Early Registration FeesDeadline passedEnds on 28/9/2015
Standard Registration Fees860 $Ends on 17/2/2016
Late Registration Fees1280 $Ends on 16/3/2016
The CFA course fees like program CFA enrollment fees and CFA registration fees are payable in US dollars only. You cant pay CFA course fees in rupees. Chartered financial analyst course fees of registration covers the cost of the following.
  1. eBook
  2. Study Planner Guide
  3. Topic – Based practice tests
  4. Mock Tests
  5. Mobile Study Application

CFA Course Syllabus

Below is the weight age of different Chartered financial analyst course subjects. These weightage may change year by year. See the CFA Course syllabus details below and save this as information about cfa course syllabus PDF file so you can easily access next time.
TopicCFA Level 1CFA Level 2CFA Level 3
Ethical and Professional Standards1510-1510-15
Quantitative Methods125-100
Financial Reporting and Analysis2015-200
Corporate Finance75-150
Equity Investments1015-255-15
Fixed Income1010-2010-20
Alternative Investments45-105-15
Portfolio Management and Wealth Planning75-1040-55

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